Energy Profile in Cambodia !


Cambodia is the developing country with total population of about 15million (or about 3.2M households). By 2015, only about 50% of total households have accessed to grid power, 32.5% using battery and 15% are still living in the dark.

If we look at the Cambodian government goals on energy development:

  • By 2020, all the villages in Cambodia will have electricity of some types; and;
  • By 2030, at least 70% of households will have access to grid-quality electricity.

Assuming that we can achieve 2nd goal, 14 years from now there will be still 30% (about 1M households) of total households may not be able to access to grid. In this information and hi-tech age, we really cannot predict how fast the world’s going to change yet million households in Cambodia still living in the dark or using costly, unclean, unreliable sources of power.

That’s the story and reasons behind the establishment and inspiration of CAMSOLAR!

We believe Solar is the best solution to light up people in Cambodia. We believe having green and free energy will surely contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development in Cambodia.



To be the most reliable and the first choice solar company in Cambodia when people think about solar.


Make solar affordable and available for everyone and everywhere in Cambodia.


To install 50,000 solar system by 2020.

Core Value

Quality - Responsibility - Sustainability -Innovation.


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